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Dokkan Battle Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack

The brand-new edition within Dragon Ball Dokkan heroic tale already has arrived! You can now experience all nonstop action in your hand! Hacking this popular game is possible and can gain you some advantages, like speeding up the animations, implementing battle actions, collecting the login rewards, completing achievements as well as dailies for free dragon stones. Like pointed out, there is no Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Cheats app that can manipulate this game server or values stored there. So there is no direct way through memory editing or modded game files or Dokkan Battle Mods to directly change your money (Zeni) value or your dragon stones get the free summons and so on. – These cheats are not possible and anyone claiming to offer them is sadly trying to trick

Start Hack

Get to Explore the Dragon Ball planet

Challenge against the formidable adversaries the anime series! You can now explore new areas in the new means with the different board style gameplay! You can use many things or power-ups for strengthening the team for several battles ahead!

With Intense Action

Just faucet Ki Spheres on screen for having the interaction in the supersonic combat! Fighting this is extreme and your screen won’t be yet ready to handle this! Awaken your most liked Dragon Ball characters to build them much stronger than before! You would have never practiced any battle like this!

The chance to Assemble Your Team

You can now create your team from the good style of the Dragon Ball characters! Also, you will cluster along some sure characters for activating the powerful Link Skills! Dokkan Battle gives you the liberty to create any team that you want! Just take your fighters on the tract and go on the top!

Time is Essential

The story starts when Trunks’ machine lands on the planet wherever the Dragon Ball timeline is thrown into chaos! The United Nations agency is behind such sinister events? Work on the side of the Trunks and induce to this mystery, by battling legions of the acquainted foes on means. The terrible fate of Dragon Ball rests on to your shoulders!


  • Create free resources from cost
  • Get unlimited Dragon Stones or Zeni
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 100% safe
  • No jailbreak and root needed
  • Works with any Android or IOS devices
  • Get pumped–the whole world of the “Dragon Ball Battle”!
  • Anti-ban scripts


  • Work safely and effectively.
  • Dragon Stones aren’t limited.
  • No Jailbreak and root required when using.
  • New features are regularly updated.
  • Game Dragon Ball Battle is played on the phones running iOS and Android
  • High security, download games fast and no virus.

Dragon Ball Battle Free Stones

Hacking Dragon Battle is the totally free tool that will help you to play and never stop. Additionally, will help you to fast conquer your time and save effort. Additionally, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle cheats automatically updates its tools and features in this game that will help you to play very interesting and amazing. Right now, hacking Dragon Ball Battle becomes easy. Suppose you wish to hack the Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, fill in the information and amount of Dragon Stones on your operating system. When completed, the required amount of currencies is credited to your Dragon Ball Dokkan gaming account. And, you have hacked Dragon Ball Battle successfully.

Dokkan Battle Fight

Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Cheat steps

  1. Click on “Hack Online” button
  2. Enter the username
  3. Choose Your Dragon Stones
  4. Proceed with the verification
  5. Download this game and install on your phone
  6. Start playing this game
  7. Run your mobile phone.
  8. Open the Dragon Ball Dokkan game
  9. Play this Battle game

With the Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Cheats guide, you can hack Dragon Ball Battle games very easily and have the impressive and enjoyable game experience.

Characteristics of Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Cheat:

–    Gain Zeni Unlimited

–    Get Dragon Stones Unlimited

–    No need of rooting your Android phone or even jailbreak the IOS device!

–    Tested on the Android phones, tablets, and iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod, or other iOS Devices!

–    No install and download needed!

–    24/7 online access!

–    Anti-Ban Protection for the security of your account game (you won’t get banned if you use any cheats)

–    Updated each time with game version!

–    Get access to the unlimited Dragon Stones or Zeni and get benefit in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle game.

–    Simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

So, here are some top 19 cheats that you have to know for the Dragon Ball Dokkan.

Dragon Ball is a free to play game that is based on the anime franchise dragon ball. It is a game that includes different elements of puzzle, collectible card game, and board game genres. There are levels that work like the board games and they have spots that are dedicated to fights, traps, and power-ups and so on. The fights are between the player and enemies and this uses a puzzle like a system. It is very similar to the match-3 games.

The game comes with different colored orbs between the enemy and the player’s character. It is up to the player to match the orbs so as to attack and also use any other abilities. You can unlock the characters through in-app purchases or in-game items.

1.Battle cheats

As is the case with many games, we always want to win. However, it is important to note that the only way you can get really good at a game is through practice. Up to date, many people still play this game. It receives constant updates and some events that are time limited.  Here are some cheats that will help you become better at the game.

2.Training mode

It is important to go through the training mode. It gives you a chance to earn XP. You should select a partner of the same color as your character and then try to level up so as to get some extra experience. When you select identical characters, you get a chance to increase the super attack level of the character. This training level is robust and therefore you should put in as much time as possible here. You will get special training and this prepares you for the tougher opponents that you will face in the course of the game.

3.Type chart

Dragon Ball Z: the Dokkan battle is just like other games in the sense that characters are dropped into specific categories. There are the weak and the strong ones among others. The information needed to get an advantage in the battles boils down to the flowchart. It shows the strengths of the types. In this game, for example, the Red STR is very strong against the PHY which is yellowish. However, the same Red STR is weak against AGL, which is blue in color. Any attack by STR against others causes damage. However, players can keep the hurt down by concentrating on specific weaknesses and strengths.


When you track down the seven dragon balls, you get bonuses. When you capture them, select the bonus that states “I want more allies”. This increases the character slots up to ten. These are slots that will give you strategic options. Tracking the dragon balls is an important part of the game and the fights get more interesting when there is a mob behind you. You should, therefore, make it a priority.

5.Login bonuses and other rewards

Most times, you get Zeni and dragon stones when you log in. When you log in continuously, you get even bigger rewards. Check in once every day, even if you don’t go too far in the game. The daily rewards you receive can be helpful. You also get a chance to sample the special events. The players can get ahead if the competition without exerting too much effort.

6.Use dragon stones only for the summons

Using dragon stones to restore ones stamina or revive after one loss a battle is not always a great idea. You should try to level up. Save the dragon stones to summon new characters instead. Allow the stamina stats to recover themselves as they do just that given time. This will have you save time and money and also make the game a bit more enjoyable. Do not brute force as you may be very frustrated. Practice mode is the best place to recover after a loss, so make use of it.


Nothing helps a fighter better than experience. Sometimes it is hard to progress in a game, especially when they become tougher. As for dragon ball Z Dokkan battle, the rewards can be great, especially when you take time and follow the tips given.

8.Multi summon FTW

When you have about 50 dragon stones, you can perform a multi-summon. You may choose to wait longer. This is because there are usually offers extended from time to time. When you wait, you have greater chances of getting an SSR card.

9.Link your skills

When you are building a team, use different numbers that can easily link with one another. This usually increases the output of damage every time. You should go to the link skill page to get more details on this.

10.Character events

You need to keep an eye open for the events that can get you free SRs or Rs. Some of these need you to simply complete the stages despite the difficulty. There are events that will allow you to get the R character by simply completing a stage and this helps you boost the super attack level to the maximum. Such events are usually limited and it is therefore important to beware of the details, the duration, and conditions of the events.

11.Be part of the daily events

You notice that every day there are different active events. Each event comes with a reward in any day of the week. In the long run, the daily activities help. You can achieve many training items, Zeni, and awakening items.

12.Z-awaken normal

When you use normal characters, you notice that maxing out at LV20 is very quick. When you get to that level, you should Z-awaken the, so as to elevate rarity. When you want to boost a character, look for a normal fodder then max it out. After this, z-awaken it.

13.Healing items

When you are doing quests or when you are participating in any event, you need to have a few healing items. It is important to note that you may have a strong team, but you may not have much luck. There are lots of traps all over the game and so it’s better to be safe.

14.Item tiles

The item tiles need to be prioritized. When you are handling a certain stage, you should zoom out first so as to see the path that has a lot of loot. You should prioritize what you want to collect with the moves you have left. Awakening items, training items, dragon balls, support items, and Zeni are of great importance during gameplay. Some of the items are rare and therefore should be selected over the more common ones.

15.Moving across the board

There is the board stage and when you are here, there are many variables that are present. It is always advisable to go for the randomized numbers that show how far you can move. Grey space has nothing. The red spaces that have crosshairs end up depleting HP. The question marks give you something random. This could be good or bad. The blue spaces have capsules, Ki for a character or even money. Red spaces show the start of the battle. If they have a stop sign, it means that you will have to get a victory so as to go on.

Some of the spaces have fortune teller Baba and this means that you can get an item but at a price. Some spaces bear dragon balls and you can gather them when you spot them.

16.Using a stronger element

Before you are attacked, you need to defend yourself using a stronger element. Check how fighters proceed with the formation. If you see an enemy targeting you, use a strong character to fight them. In this way, you only have to deal with the weaker character. In this way, when the enemy lines, you can easily put up a defense and you won’t get a lot of damage.

17.Ki bursts

When you are selecting Ki orbs that you use to power up fighters, always check if there are Ki bursts. These happen when you absorb and line up the same colored Orbs within a row. If there are no chances of this, collect the rainbow-colored spheres.

18.Awaken and summon characters

At different levels, there are awakening medals available and are used to increase the stats of the fighter despite the current level they are in. This is usually very helpful when the fighter is at the maximum and there is no way to get stronger. When you have friend points or you have enough dragons stones to perform a rare summon, then you should go ahead and do it. You may even get a stronger fighter than you already have.


It helps to make friends in this game. Before each stage, you can come with a friendly player. When you do this, you earn points and after each level, you can send a request of friendship to your ally. When you play with the same player again, you get more points. Friend points can be used to do the friend point summon. This is another way of getting new characters.